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Vasilis Christodoulou studied psychology in France at the University of Lyon.

His doctoral dissertation at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, in the field of psychology, has as its subject: «Sleeplessness as a strategy of psychotherapeutic support for heavy physical sufferers».

For twelve years he has been a specialist teacher at the Cyprus Police Academy.

Member of the International Council of Psychologists since 1984.

He works as a clinical psychologist in Nicosia and Limassol with a specialization in Body Psychotherapy.

He is a member of the Hellenic and International Biosynthesis Center, as a teacher and supervisor.

Since 2016 he has established the Cyprus Biosynthesis Center and provides comprehensive educational programs for physical psychotherapy using the biosynthesis method.

Vasilis Christodoulou has long experience in the field of psychotherapy.

He succeeds in combining the knowledge he has acquired from his multifaceted studies in psychology with his wideranging interests in the broader sphere of psychotherapeutic practice.

A bold seeker of the truth in therapeutic practice, constantly striving to find out what it is that ultimately brings healing, he closely involves us in this quest and generously offers us the experience and knowledge that he has acquired.