The living twin

The twin who grew up alone


Did you know that many people who are born as a single child began life accompanied by a brother or sister that died during pregnancy and vanished leaving no trace whatsoever? And did you know that the frequency which this occurs is amazingly high?

It’s a well-known fact, verified by science for some decades now, that a 10% of babies who are born started their life as a part of a twin pregnancy and then lost their sibling during the first months of gestation. This phenomenon had remained purely statistical until quite recently. Only in the last few years has psychology started to become interested in the effects that this experience may have on the surviving twin.

Wha might the consequences be of spending the first weeks or months of one’s life with a twin in utero, but then to suffer their loss and be born alone? How can person process and assimilate this primary experience, when frequently it is ignored and relegated to the unconscious levels of our self? The answers to these and other questions constitute the core of this book, which also includes around fifty testimonies that enable us to listen firsthand to the multiple manifestations that result from the experience of being a lone twin.



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