The Art of Loving as Tree. Me, You and Us


This book is a reflection of the author’s clinical and human experience as a Clinical Psychologist and Somatic Psychoterapist for Couples, as well as of heart experience as a Woman.

The book is a divided in two parts. The firts part is shaped as a novel and tells us the story of the therapeutic sessions of several couples, their complaits, requests and suffering, as well as their psychoterapist Laura. The second part is more clinical, with ideas, tools, exercises and important figures that can be very useful for Psichotherapists, Psichologists, Doctors and Students of these areas, as wellas to any Professional in the Social Intervention fielt.

It is mostly a book which goal is to expand the awareness, by identifying the “mines and traps“ that make it difficult for us to find a balance between being ”together” and “apart”, as well as “giving” and “receiving” Love with Soul, Heart and Simplicity.

“Living is simple; the hard thing is to be simple”.

The goal was to use a less clinical language, more accessible to everyone, so that the message could be better conveyed, by making the reading easier for all of those that are not related to this area.





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